2 years and I am still here…

may 15, 2011 – marked the two years for my company… I have made many new friends along the way as well as re-connected with some old ones too. thx to facebook…My business has grown onto a new locatin on the web – vandm.com plus, I have expanded into vintage markets in chicago…Just this weekend I was at the popular randolph street market. I had some amazing neighbors and met some interesting people…did I mention it was in chicago? well, being born and raised here – I should have listened to the little voice inside of me that said – “go with the inside booth – everyone no matter what has to go to the bathroom” of course being the virgin at this sort of show, I took the suggestion of someone else and went with an outdoor booth…I was told more foot traffic. did I mention it was in chicago? so, go to the location, set up, chat with the neighbors and ready to sell…what happens – it rains…it rains for the majority of the show – 3 sales. okay, there is another day…well, we have les then a hour of selling time, since we had to breakdown, due to hazardous weather conditions. So, for a virgin – I was pretty experienced in knowing what chicago could have instore for the outdoor vendors…

Lesson to be learned….listen to yourself. hard lesson to learn…it will not happen again.

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One thought on “2 years and I am still here…

  1. Tracy….don’t tell me you were at the Randolph Street Market in May….I was there too! I’m so bummed that I didn’t see you! It has been too long since I’ve had a laugh with you! Be well my friend and Happy vintage-ing!

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